NongHyup provides a variety of supports including production, distribution, sales activities of agricultural product in Korea. It helps that korean farmers concentrate on farming activities. We manufacture and sell premium agricultural products to provide high-quality and trustable foods to the customers. We differentiate to other food companies and promise to provide consumers with high value of NongHyup.

NongHyup Mission

1. To improve the economic, social and cultural status of Korean farmers through autonomous cooperatives.
2. To enhance the standard of living of Korean farmers by strengthening the competitiveness of the agriculture industry.
3. To contribute to the balanced development of the national economy of korea.

NongHyup Vision

Together 100 Years of NongHyup
Elevating the Status of Agriculture, Making Rural Communities a place of Hope, Promoting Respect for Farmers.

- The iron will of the farmers and the general public, farming communities and urban areas, agricultural and livestock cooperatives and the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, and all our employees will empower us to work together to realize the agricultural utopia.
- The iron will to make a leap forward as a great agricultural cooperative that will cover the new 100 years.

Core Values

1. Transform distribution for farmers and consumers.
NongHyup will transfrom distribution to provide consumers with safe food at affordable price and ensure farmers earn more income.

2. Embrace digital innovation to explore new growth areas.
NongHyup will embrace the latest digital innovation and discover new growth engines for agriculture, rural communities.

3. Make agriculture competitive, help farmers live better lives.
NongHyup will help farmers earn more income and improve their quality of living by providing assistance with farm management.

4. Partner with the broader community to improve the quality of life in rural areas.
NongHyup will work closely with local communities to play a pivotal role in improving the quality of life in rural areas and stimulating local economies.

5. Provide reliable services that are shaped by our cooperative identity.
NongHyup will earn the trust of farmers and the rest of Korean society by retaining our true identity and increasing our capabilities for delivering practical benefits for our farmers.